• Best gift idea for a trumpet player

    Gift For Trumpet Player

  • Soulo Bucket Mutes in use during recording for the Oscars

    Oscars trumpet section @ Capitol Records
    From L to R: Chris Grey, Rick Baptist, Warren Luening & Rob Schaer

  • Chris Botti using Soulo Bucket Mute for Trumpet

    Chris Botti @ Mann Music Center sound check w/Philadelphia Orchestra

  • Bucket mute Soulo on Herb Alpert's trumpet bell

    Herb Alpert & Lani Hall on tour

  • Kiku Collins using Soulo Bucket Mute

    Kiku Collins @ Michael Bolton concert

  • Soulo Bucket Mute for Trumpet being used by Rashawn Ross from Dave Matthews Band

    Rashawn Ross @ Dave Matthews concert

Soulo bucket mute for trumpet and trombone demo video
mike jarosz creator of soulo bucket mute for trumpet